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Geetha Saleesh from Thrissur, Kerala, she took up this problem seriously and she ardently wanted to do something about it.  Her fight was against adulterated food, against people who were inconsiderate about common man’s health especially children.  She didn’t want to compromise on quality and so she cultivated on her own single variety high curcumin content turmeric in a purely organic manner.At the age of 39, Geetha today has been successful in reaching out to as many people providing the goodness and richness of curcumin through her product ‘Curcu meal’. She developed  ‘Curcu meal’ after 2 years of hard and consistent research. ‘Curcu meal’  is a blend of turmeric, dates, almond, coconut milk and jaggery. ” It’s a superfood supplement as it has all the goodness of natural organic ingredients. No adulteration, only purity and richness.,”

About the company

Turmeric is considered as a ‘superfood’ because it has a never ending list of health benefits. So what makes turmeric so special and an essential ingredient in our everyday diet? The antioxidant, curcumin in turmeric should get all the credit with its anti-inflammatory properties. But are we able to reap the benefits of curcumin from the turmeric we get in the grocery stores these days. Various studies tell us about adulteration of turmeric with lead chromate which is vibrant yellow in colour. Most of the time this adulteration is intentional to enhance weight and colour leading to poisoning especially in children. This has been an ongoing problem and statistics are even more scary.

Geetha was an ordinary woman.  But what made her extraordinary is how she overpowered every obstacle in life. She started losing her vision gradually and turned blind by the age of 15 as she was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa, a rare genetic disorder. Her journey with struggles started at an early age. Only her sheer determination and belief in herself made her what she is today. Mother of two children, she had a positive outlook towards the world and wanted  to offer richness with purity because more than wealth, health mattered to her. This is how she thought of giving back to the society. This made her a high spirited entrepreneur working for a noble cause. She launched ‘Geetha’s Home to Home’ in 2020 intending to reach out to every household possible. She was blind but with a vision for the future.