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Curcumeal is your gateway to turmeric’s incredible benefits, with a focus on high curcumin bioavailability. Founded by Geetha Saleesh, we ensure uncompromising quality through certified organic turmeric sourcing. Our innovative products, like the world’s first zero-added-oil turmeric spreader and healthful beverages, elevate meals and support well-being. We’re proud to support local farmers, promoting sustainability and empowering communities. Join our health-conscious community and savor the flavor of good health with Curcumeal.

About the company

Curcumeal, born from a passion for health and wellness, is your gateway to the incredible benefits of turmeric. Founded by Geetha Saleesh, Curcumeal is committed to delivering uncompromising quality by sourcing naturally cultivated turmeric, ensuring the highest standards of purity and freshness with dates. Our products, including the world’s first zero-added-oil turmeric spreader and a healthful beverage blend, are designed to elevate your meals while supporting your well-being, thanks to their high curcumin bioavailability. Moreover, we take pride in supporting local farmers, as we believe in giving back to the communities that nurture this golden treasure, promoting sustainable farming practices and empowering local economies.

Geetha was an ordinary woman.  But what made her extraordinary is how she overpowered every obstacle in life. She started losing her vision gradually and turned blind by the age of 15 as she was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa, a rare genetic disorder. Her journey with struggles started at an early age. Only her sheer determination and belief in herself made her what she is today. Mother of two children, she had a positive outlook towards the world and wanted  to offer richness with purity because more than wealth, health mattered to her. This is how she thought of giving back to the society. This made her a high spirited entrepreneur working for a noble cause. She launched ‘Geetha’s Home to Home’ in 2020 intending to reach out to every household possible. She was blind but with a vision for the future.