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For fruit based CURCUMEAL shakes, ensure that you use fresh fruits that are at the peak of their ripening and sweetness. Of course, you can also make milkshakes with frozen fruits. It is best to use fruits which are in season. . Avoid using processed fruit pulps that can be loaded with preservatives or additives / You can also make easly CURCUMEAL SHAKE without fruits.

makinga curcumeal milkshake is super simple, you really only need 3 ingredients but do you know the perfect ratio? It can be a little disappointing to drink a milkshake that is closer to the consistency of a juice or a milkshake that’s so thick you can’t get it through the straw.

So today I’m sharing how to make the perfect curcumeal milkshake and you can use it as a guide to customize whatever fruit you’d like to add.

MILK  – use whatever milk you have at home. Just keep in mind that the higher the fat percentage of your milk, the creamier your milkshake will be.

Toppings – take your pick on your toppings. eg: adding whipped cream, sprinkles, and a cherry.

1. Add the ice cream to the blender with 1 teaspoon curcumeal  ,blend in low until it smooth

2. Add the milk to the blender.

3. Blend on low until smooth.

4. Pour into a cup and garnish with whipped cream.

5. And add a cherry if desired.

  • To make this curcumeal milkshake even creamier, you can try using heavy cream in place of milk.
  • use always dry spoon to take curcumeal .
  • When purchasing ice cream, make sure you buy real 100% dairy ice cream. There are ice creams that are labeled as “frozen desserts” as they’re made with vegetable oils.
  • To easily scoop your ice cream, let your ice cream sit at room temperature for around 5 minutes so it can soften enough to scoop.
  • If you find the milkshake a little too thick for your liking, add in additional milk a couple of splashes at a time.
  • To help your drink stay cold longer, you can place your glasses in the freezer beforehand.
  • Don’t have a can of whipped cream on hand? Try making your own homemade whipped cream.
  • Don’t add ice to this. Ice will water down your drink.