Geetha Saleesh from Thrissur, Kerala, was only 13 years old when she was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa, a rare genetic disorder. She started losing her vision eventually and turned blind by the age of 15.

But being disabled never stopped her from achieving her goals. Geetha who always dreamt of a job learnt braille and finished her graduation. Now at the age of 39, Geetha runs a successful online business that sells homemade food products like a superfood , turmeric drink made out of single variety high curcumin content turmeric which cultivated in an organic way her own .

She launched ‘Geetha’s Home to Home’ in 2020. “I wanted to start something on my own and being visually challenged never stopped me.
Running a business wasn’t entirely a new experience for Geetha as the couple ran a small restaurant in Thrissur a few years ago. Geetha says, “We had a small organic restaurant and it was our first business venture. We used to serve food and drinks made using organic ingredients including vegetables. Unfortunately, we had to shut it down when we lost the rented space. But the mass cooking experience at our restaurant gave me the confidence to start this online food business.”

She then took a break as she wanted to focus on her kids and family. But later when she decided to work again she was disappointed with all the rejections that she had to face while hunting for a job.

Her husband Saleesh, a medical representative and distributor, encouraged Geetha to start her own business. He says, “Geetha always wanted to be self-reliant and earn on her own. Many doubted her abilities, but I always believed in her. I was confident that with her experience and abilities she could easily excel at it.”

She developed a Curcu meal after researching it for 2years. It is a blend of turmeric, dates, almond, coconut milk and jaggery. I would say it’s a superfood supplement as it has all the goodness of turmeric,”